I believe in design as force for social change


I'm Heidi, a service designer at Bridgeable, working with multi-disciplinary teams to help organizations build improved service interactions for the people experiencing them. With 7+ years of consulting experience, I have contributed to small and large scale design and innovation projects across industries spanning healthcare, financial services, retail, and non-profit, in Canada and the US.

As a creative problem solver, I’m deeply interested in the intersection of design, data, and development. Bringing together my background in Spatial Data Science & Visualization and Industrial Design, with a humanitarian outlook, I strive to discover and translate the aha moments of life into experiences that improve the way people live, work, and play.

Other fun facts: I am a map enthusiast. I love mental models and frameworks.  I use my hands to prototype and make things. I love to run. Occasionally, I’ll even blog about Brussels sprouts.



Powered by design

I specialize in applying design and innovation capabilities by…

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Linking research to action

I go beyond research to define opportunities that can be implemented in the real world


Facilitating creativity

I have a lot of experience planning and facilitating co-design workshops to help people bring their ideas to life


Process tinkering

I think by making, and then evaluate and rapidly iterate ideas until they are viable and robust for the real world




Important values I stand by when collaborating, practicing, or leading teams:


Make connections

Look for dotted lines that connect ideas together


Zoom in/out

Scale out to see how things fit within a broader context


Wonder why

Aim to go a layer deeper to get to the heart of something


Show process

Don't wait for perfect before sharing work



Collaboration Hats

My favourite de Bono thinking hats are positivity, process, and creativity. From a service design lens, the hats I wear are collaborative...


The glue

Focuses on getting people to align on a common vision


The facilitator

Focuses on facilitating the generation of ideas with people


The planner

Focuses on thinking ahead and organizing processes


The diplomat

Focuses on finding shared values between groups


Project Snippets

I worked with a financial institution to understand the experience of end users and employees when opening new accounts.

I supported a healthcare company in speculating the 'future of' a new therapeutic space

I designed engaging training experiences for new employees of a large organization

I create web-based data exhibition showcasing the day-in-the-life of marathon runner

I helped developed an innovative enterprise-wide approach to patient centricity

Researching and prototyping a workflow for supporting citizens to use open data in a meaningful way


Opportunities I’m most excited about...


Applying service design, systems thinking, and rapid prototyping to international development projects

Building global sustainable supply chains based on shared values between stakeholders

Effectively growing and scaling products, services, and business models in environments that lack supporting systems and processes

Leveraging technology in low-income markets that do not follow traditional formats



What to chat?

Email me: mightyhok [at] gmail [dot] com